About H&B

Amy Bishop Blumenthal is the principal designer and founding partner at Herringbone & Brass.

Amy has a background in Fine Arts and Art History with a BFA from Pratt Institute and MFA from Parsons in Interior Design and the History of Decorative Arts and Design.

Prior to founding Herringbone & Brass, Amy worked as set designer and production designer for Emmy Award winning television programs, commercials and independent films in Los Angeles.  In New York City, Amy worked as Creative Director for AD 100 firm Campion Platt, and as Senior Interior Designer for Thom Filicia. After moving to Boston in late 2018, Amy collaborated with several interior design firms in the Boston Area until she decided to start Herringbone & Brass in late 2019. Amy lives in Beacon Hill with her architect husband and son. 

Sylvia Pag├ín Westphal is founding partner at Herringbone & Brass. Sylvia started Herringbone & Brass to expand the suite of services available offered by The Private List, where she works with clients looking to buy or sell luxury real estate. Under Amy’s creative guidance, Herringbone & Brass has grown to develop its own client base, and Sylvia partners with Amy on select projects, especially when they involve renovations.

Megan Bosse assists Herringbone and Brass with project management and client services.

She recently graduated from Boston College where she pursued her Masters of Science in Leadership and Administration, with a specialization in project management. She graduated in May of 2019 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied Hospitality & Tourism Management and Communications. Her extensive experience working in the hospitality industry is a major asset as she expands her knowledge and skills to further her passion for the real estate industry.